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lernKULTUREN located in the heart of Berlin is specialised in teaching German as a foreign language. It is known that languages are best learnt by speaking and using them and for this reason at lernKULTUREN we apply an interactive approach with continuous teacher-student exchanges to help you learn basic German quickly and well or accomplish a perfect knowledge of the language to prepare to study, live or work in Berlin and/or in Germany.

Learning German at lernKULTUREN will dive you directly into everyday life in Germany: we will talk about everyday needs and key issues for integration - at school or at work - in addition to German society and current affairs, public administration, school, shopping and much more.

In lernKULTUREN we use current books and multimedia for our German language courses. Our teachers have specific university-level education and significant experience in teaching German as a foreign language.

Learning German is easy and fun with our dynamic, interactive approach. Lessons are a clever combination of grammar exercises and role playing, simulations, dialogues and practical situations to help you learn and improve your German for everyday use. All students receive all the assistance they need to identify specific learning needs and pinpoint any learning problems and make them proficient.

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